Acknowledge, Deny, or Ignore

Acknowledge, Deny, or Ignore

Good morning,

               Last night, the History Channel aired the first episode of a six-part documentary series entitled, Unidentified: inside America’s UFO investigation. I’m fortunate to have known that such such series has been in the works for quite some time. Though the fruit of the labor is not my own, I am overjoyed for those to whom the reward is due. And while nothing about this series directly involves me, I fully support the mission as well as the great men and women who have worked tirelessly to establish this permanent and unfaltering foundation upon which the complete truth of this subject matter will be plainly understood. 

               However, those of you who know me also know I have been involved with facilitating logical and rational thinking towards the topic of what most people call unidentified flying objects. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve watched, read, listened, discussed, and contributed both creatively and professionally to the body of work that has influenced the promotion of this docu-series. Looking back, I’m proud of my work thus far and look forward to what may come. 

With that said:

               Whether you’ve been awake or are still asleep this morning, there are three options presented to you this day. 

1) Acknowledge
2) Deny
3) Ignore

I’ll address these in reverse order.

This issue cannot logically be ignored anymore. If it’s not interesting to you, that’s ok. You may not be interested in geography either, but you cannot ignore geography. That’s preposterous.

No longer can any rational person deny that there are exotic aircraft in our skies that are observable on radar, actual machines, and defying the laws of physics as we understand currently them.

But, one is able to acknowledge that this phenomenon is real, valid, and important while simultaneously not being interested in the topic. That is perfectly ok. You can acknowledge that it’s a sunny day and stay inside. Or you can acknowledge it’s a sunny day and enjoy the sunshine. Either way, it shouldn’t take a lifetime to acknowledge whether or not a day is, indeed, sunny.

You can wear sunblock, approaching the topic carefully and cautiously. You can put on a swimsuit and jump in the pool with tic-tac arm floaties (seriously, somebody invent that now). Or you can work your way up to be a lifeguard at the pool to make sure those who are enjoying a sunny day at the pool are doing so in a safe and sound environment.

Either way, please do not succumb to agoraphobia and deny the sunshine of this revelation. 

Be at peace,

tiller4Riller June 1st, 2019

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