Acknowledgment of the Phenomenon

Acknowledgment of the Phenomenon

On April 29th of this year, Sean Cahill and I discussed the term acknowledgment with regards to the Phenomenon. Disclosure post-AATIP (DPA) was a pivotal moment that ushered in discussions of the confirmation narrative. However, in the present moment the UFO Community at large seems to be in some sort state of purgatory or limbo. Sean mentioned the term “levels of acknowledgement,” something I see as an emerging concept.

Everything imaginable is on a spectrum from electromagnetic waves to emotional states, interest level to pain level, like vs. love, autistic to athletic, and even the likelihood that I will recommend Taco Bell to my friends and family based off today’s dine-in experience, everything occurs in degrees, increments, levels, etc.

With this in mind, I have designed the following scale for reference. The intended use of the acknowledgment scale is to promote conversation, dialogue, and discussion. Please refrain from using this scale as a foothold for debate or other argument.

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