The only thing clear about 2020 is the amount of adversity we’re facing. Gone are the days in which an individual can enjoy the imagined security of isolation behind national borders. This world is home to all of us and, for the moment, there is no planet B. Did we really need a potentially fatal virus to remind us that we share the same air and drink the same water?

And who among us has inherited the privilege to deny air, water, or any other life-essential element to any other person? As a citizen of the United States, I listen to some of my fellow countrymen speak out of both side of their mouths: China is our enemy until we need medical supplies. China wants to destroy even though we are their number one customer.

Until you make up your mind, you have one foot on each side of your own fence. Do you want nationalistic isolation? Do you want to cooperate with allies to make the world better? We cannot have it both ways. In a very short amount of time, the United States saw a sharp impact of the national economy. Can you imagine what would happen to our national economy if we literally closed off all borders (some have suggested this is the only solution)?

Once people stop blaming China, blaming Italy, blaming France, blaming presidents both past and present…once every individual on this planet STOPS…

every thing

and L I S T E N S to everyone else, considering the needs of others as greater than your own- slowly the voice of reason will return.

It’s as if God has put us all in a global timeout.

Or perhaps Mother Nature has placed us on global house arrest. Even so, the social media slanders continue. And now we must keep a social distance. Let’s talk about that.

Social distancing. Really? Isn’t this what we do when we engulf ourselves in the WiFi intro-verse every day? We’ve moved from trend to habit with the way we migrate from platform to platform.

Example: new app opens up. Followers build. Creators create. It’s all laughs for a couple of years until curtain call. Then, the years lead to tears as the drama begins. Rules are made, posts are removed, and now we have a new career field: cyber babysitting. Next comes the media migration to another app and the cycle repeats. Ex. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, and now TikTok. Is it only called social distancing because it’s not our choice? Has anyone realized some of these apps are owned by the same company? It’s like a rebellious kid yelling “That’s it, I’m running away!” and setting up camp in another bedroom of the same house.

For a moment, put the doom and gloom aside. Remove your eyes from social media and look around.

What I see around the world right now is not impending doom. I see the beginning of a social revolution comparable to the summer of love in 1969. Once the quarantines are lifted, things will not return to normal. Instead, we will gradually learn a new normal. We will be forced to move through the cycles of grief as millions of families mourn the loss of loved ones. While I sincerely hope I do not succumb to the virus myself, I’d be lying to myself if I deny it.

Genuine love for others, true passion for living life to the fullest, understanding that our planet truly is a beautiful gift we have inherited simply by being born.

Day after day, the words of Ronald Reagan are ever present in my mind

“I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.

Is this not what we are seeing right now?
1) by definition this is an unknown and unpredictable threat In this very moment bipartisan efforts are in effect at an incredible rate, nations are aiding one another with supplies and information.

2) differences are subsiding across party lines, borderlines, and phone lines as the entire world is faced with what’s truly important…and it’s not our arguments.

At the end of each day, I hope that you, the reader, are reminded that


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