How much is enough?

How much is enough?

Is this what it will take before the public will finally be able to accept that there are physical aircraft intruding into our skies with a keen ability for defying the laws of physics?

Without laying the foundation for a symposium-based research library, I present the following bullet points. Each one has been evaluated for validity and maintains  authenticity. While I have examined each one with scrutiny, I am most certainly not the authority on these or other related matters. I only recognize when 99.9% is close enough to believe something is true or not.

  • The United States Department of Defense recently admitted it has been observing, studying, and analyzing exotic aircraft of unknown origin (i.e. UFOs or UAPs) for many years.
  • The exotic aircraft do not resemble any foreign technology available on our planet.
  • The exotic aircraft are, indeed, physical aircraft – some of which are comprised of unusual metallic alloys that might have been structured in the absence of gravity.
  • Government leaders from the United States and other prominent nations of have been briefed on these and other topics, resulting from events and other occurrences.
  • The actual evidence is so real that the US Navy revised its guidelines for how pilots are to report their encounters with these types of aircraft.
  • Government, military, and scientific leaders in the United States and all around the world are convinced these exotic aircraft come from outer space.
  • While the beings flying the machines may not originate from another planet, they (whoever they are) possess superior knowledge of physics and technology, unmatched to anything we currently understand.
  • Scientific research is teaching us a lot about how these machines operate. In addition, To The Stars Academy has partnered with other organizations, such as Google and Sony, and is working hard to develop the new physics into platforms, that be realized, to form new and beneficial technology for us all.

If you’re still on the fence about all of this, or if you are digging your heels into the quicksand of doubt…why? If you think this is about the little gray guys from Zeta-Reticuli, you are mistaken. If you think this is about an alien invasion, you are equally mistaken. If you think Tom DeLonge is being fed disinformation, you’re so incredibly wrong you probably believe that two lefts make a right (keep thinking about that one).


Do you need a surgeon general’s warning before you will take this seriously? However, even if you had such a warning, you still may never accept the reality.

Yet, seeing as how so many Americans ignore not only the warnings of the surgeon general, but also nutrition labels, OSHA regulations, and traffic signs…this should come as no surprise.

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  1. Ozzie

    were going to need something spectacular. like Trump confirming on camera or better yet something huge and up close like “the Phoenix lights”, but in broad daylight. with jets intercepting. followed by a televised debriefing of what went down.

  2. Carl Anderson

    Bang on and so well said

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