Identifying Flight Capabilities of Objects that Defy the Laws of Physics (UFO Physics 201)

Identifying Flight Capabilities of Objects that Defy the Laws of Physics (UFO Physics 201)

While advancements in scientific instrumentation have improved capabilities for gathering empirical data, the UFO Phenomenon remains shrouded in mystery. It is physically real, yet its origin is highly debatable. 

In preparation for the series, Responding Logically to Illogical Reasoning, I consulted professionals in the fields of: quantum technology, particle physics, astrophysics, the US armed forces, philosophy, ufology, ontology, and an independent education advocate. Most have been willing to go on record; however, I respect the privacy of those who wish to remain anonymous. Whether on the record or off the record, I am very grateful for the collaboration. 

The series is anchored on the fact that there is a lot we don’t understand about anything and everything. Rather than rejecting information that challenges our views, we should “seek first to understand,” as Dr. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has stated. Therefore, I ask that you keep an open mind in order that we may converse as equals.

To begin understanding the physics, let’s look at some of the observed characteristics of UFOs. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about: flying saucers, glowing lights, metallic disks hovering motionless and making no sound, whisking away at supersonic speeds… 

Now compare the classic descriptions of UFOs with what has been empirically observed from  real UFOs:

  • Acceleration sustaining over 400 G’s (evidence coming soon)*
  • Hypersonic velocities, officially clocked at 13,000mph (unofficially clocked at much faster speeds)
  • Low observability or hard to detect – perhaps this is a type of cloaking technology
  • Multi medium travel (air, land, sea, and space…this includes under water)
  • Positive-lift (anti-gravity), but also sounds like a way to brighten someone’s day 🙂 
  • Shielded by a bubble event horizon, or gravitational field
  • Using electromagnetism for aerospace flight in omicron mode (low power)
  • Exteriorly composed with unique metal alloys such as Mg,Bi, and Zn
  • Bending the spacetime metric to enter and exit delta mode (high power)
  • Maintaining high exterior temperatures when in flight
  • The exterior emits a glowing light even during the day
  • Have been reported to mirror the flight maneuvers of pilots in real time
  • The UFOs seem to be aware of people and the area in which they are flying
  • UFOs defy the laws of physics as we currently understand them

The empirical scientific data that exists from such cases as the Nimitz Encounters and the Aguadilla UAP report is more than sufficient for proving the capabilities of the AAVs. However, we don’t have any peer reviewed “white papers” that use standard methods and established practices to explain how they operate.  

In other words, we have scientific evidence of what they do, but not how they do it.

Maybe tomorrow we will. Who knows? 

In order to delve into the possibilities of how UFOs could operate I will reference two credible witnesses based on their discussions of the actual flight operations of alleged alien aircraft. Next, I will blend the two references together to form a foundation upon which we can apply theoretical scientific explanations. Finally, I will use the foundation, now strengthened by scientific explanation, and compare the classic descriptions of UFOs. 

Reference 1 is Robert S. Lazar – claims to have worked on a top-secret project to reverse engineer an alien aircraft at a facility near Area 51. His claims go back to 1989 and have stood the test of time, as well as the rants of skeptics. 

Reference 2 is Thomas M. DeLonge – founded To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a public benefit corporation, whose goal is to construct a man-made aircraft from reverse-engineered alien technology in order to “benefit the public.” So far, Tom’s claims have stood the test of time. 

Step 1: laying the foundation

Reference 1: Bob Lazar says he worked on an alleged alien spacecraft. He nicknamed it the sports model because of its sleek exterior design. The Sports Model UFO is reported to produce its own gravitational wave using element 115, which enables it to fly extremely fast. 

  • the craft is powered by a small reactor
  • the reactor generates a gravitational wave
  • the wave is sent to gravity wave amplifiers near the reactor 
  • and then the amplifiers send the amplified waves to the gravity wave emitters
  • the aircraft travels by rolling into the open distortion that has been created.

Reference 2: Tom DeLonge says he has examined countless documents explaining the physics of UFOs. According to what he has read, Tom says UFOs travel by folding the metric of spacetime. It appears linear to us, but it’s not. Just like you sending a text message to your friend standing right beside you, and it arrives instantly. It’s not exactly instant, it just looks that way.

  • Tom claims he has seen metallic material from a crashed UFO and the accompanying reports of scientific analysis. 
  • He also references a legendary aircraft called the TR-3B, reported to be man made with reverse engineered alien technology. 
  • He discussed ways in which AAVs travel so fast that everything on the ground would appear gray and moving in slow motion.
  •  The machine his company proposes to build, utilizing the same type of physics, will be capable of instantaneous travel which will revolutionize transportation and communication around the world.

Step 2: applying science

The interpretations of the technology as well as the connections between the technologies reported by both Tom DeLonge and Bob Lazar are my own thoughts and not the result of serious scientific investigation.

The basics of operation for the Sport Model UFO are as follows:

A small reactor sits on the base level of the interior of the aircraft. Inside the reactor is element 115, also known as ununpentium. Below the reactor is a particle accelerator where the 115 is bombarded by another participle through a tuned tube. As the ununpentium (115) transmutes, one of two things could be happening. The element 115 is either gaining a proton, which changes it briefly to element 116 before it is broken down, or the element 115 transmutes while depleting. Both element 115 and 116 are near the island of stability, meaning it’s extremely hard to break them down. 

However, Bob says the element 115 transmutes to anti-matter. Element 116 as we understand it is not anti-matter; so, is there something else occurring that transmutes the 115 to the antimatter version of 116. I haven’t encountered anything on record of Bob saying which particle or even which type of particle might have been inside the accelerator. Therefore, I can only speculate. 

Moving on – the transmuted 115 is now antimatter and moves through a tuned tube where it reacts with a gas (the gas being matter, not antimatter.

The matter and antimatter react and produce 100% energy. This is thermal energy which converts to electrical power. Therefore, this means the thermal-energy is electromagnetic in nature since the resulting output is electric. The electric output is a byproduct of the matter/antimatter reaction, but it’s used to power the subsystems of the craft. 

Here is where even our current technological advances are still trying to catch up with what Bob Lazar claims to have studied firsthand back in 1988 and 1989. 

The reactor is said to generate a gravitational wave that is guided through tuned tubes, just like microwaves (which are also electromagnetic, hold that thought). Next, the force hits the gravity wave amplifiers and the final output is exerted through the gravity wave emitters. 

Bob describes this thermionic generation as being 100% efficient. In essence, there is no radiation exposure to any occupants that might be inside the aircraft. However, even he realizes this violates the first law of thermodynamics which states, “heat is a form of energy, and thermodynamic processes are therefore subject to the principle of conservation of energy. This means that heat energy cannot be created or destroyed (”

On the outside, the sports model UFO is bending light under the pressure of gravity, warping the space-time metric to travel through space and through the atmosphere of Earth. It does this by phase shifting the gravity wave, Lazar reports. To travel in omicron mode, it phase shifts against the gravity of Earth and uses just one gravity wave emitter. For delta mode, all 3 emitters are used but delta can happen with just two emitters. For delta mode, I assume the phase shift doesn’t need to rely on Earth’s gravity for very long. 

Element 115 is scientifically known as ununpentium. In Latin, this literally means one, one, five. That’s kind of like figuring out that actor, Antonio Banderas’, name in English means Anthony Flags. Not nearly as mysterious, I suppose. 

Ununpentium is a dense element with an atomic weight of 288. Bob spoke of this element being used nearly 20 years before it was ever made by scientists. Ununpentium is the key ingredient for powering this machine. Scientists on record have only been able to create about 100 atoms worth of element 115. However, under the right conditions, if enough of this element could be made, it could operate an over unity machine – meaning that it puts out more power than is put into it. Tom DeLonge spoke of an over-unity machine this during an interview in October of 2017. Knowing what I know today, and looking back at many conversations that have been had over the years, I suspect this has something to do with zero-point energy. 

Chemical reactions are the foundation of life itself, or rather the continuity of life. This is comparable to financial transactions, borrowing and repaying money, which are the foundation of the economy. Atoms exchange electrons and through this process power is given and taken, just like a credit card. But in the world of quantum physics, the economy is much more intricate. Imagine depositing $100 into your checking account but your statement reveals the deposit was actually $300. Indeed, the world of quantum banking sounds intriguing. 

In a similar way there is a theoretical force of energy behind every single atom, and a very small amount of it could potentially power our entire planet for 100 years or more with a perpetual electromagnetic field. Some people call it the zero-point field or zero-point energy. In years past it has been referred to as vacuum energy, the aether, or thermal radiation. Regardless of its name, its existence has been proven, and it is extremely powerful.

By using ununpentium to generate nuclear fission or possibly inertial confinement fusion inside the sports model reactor, the resulting power output would hit the gravity wave amplifiers which radiate through the gravity emitters. Whereas a typical nuclear reactor generates heat which passes through a water moderator and produces steam to move turbines, the resulting force from ununpentium is the zero-point electromagnetic force.

According to Bob, the gravity wave can be directed anywhere you want it to go. In addition, there is an antenna extension of the reactor which is a waveguide. 

A waveguide for what? After all, the gravity emitters are at the bottom, yet there is a heart shaped wave that flows over the entire vessel.

Here is where I believe that information Tom DeLonge has shared publicly provides another piece of the puzzle, which is why I’m doing my best to blend these ideas together. Remember when I asked you to hold that thought about microwaves?

As Tom has explained in interviews, there are certain metamaterials that lose mass when radiated with a certain frequency of terahertz. The terahertz frequency is on the electromagnetic spectrum. Its strength is not as important as its function. For example: you can cook a hotdog over an open flame or with microwaves. Which has the power to destroy a forest? Exactly. Terahertz are stronger than microwaves.

According to Tom the metallic material from at least one crashed UFO is atomically aligned and contains 80 layers while only being a few microns thick. For reference, 1 micron is .001 millimeters. So, it’s extremely thin. It contains purities of metals that aren’t found in solar system. In order to fabricate a material with an atomic structure like this, researchers believe it would have to be constructed in extremely low gravity, or in other words, it has to be made in space. When resonated with a frequency of terahertz, the metal loses mass and begins to float. 

One way to measure the loss of mass is to spin one electron around the metal before the resonation and clock the speed of its trajectory. Then, blast the terahertz frequency and shoot the electron again. The loss of mass amounts to a quicker trip for the single electron when the terahertz frequency is activated. Some people have confused terahertz, loss of mass, electron spin, and time dilation as all being connected. 

Back to Bob – he stated the Project Looking Glass was studying effects of time dilation, but it wasn’t anything to do with time travel. Was reduced mass and the timing of electrons, as referenced by Tom, part of the top secret studies at S4 while Bob was there?

Tom also mentions a metamaterial with layers of bismuth and magnesium. In addition, Linda Moulton Howell also discusses a metamaterial composed of bismuth, magnesium, and zinc. 

If the sports model UFO were composed of the same material, or a similar material, it’s possible that the waveguide would be the steering device for the gravity emitters, acting as turbine engines, powered by the zero-point energy released from ununpentium in the form of antimatter instead of hydrocarbon based fuels (i.e. gasoline or kerosene).

How could the outer shell assist in flight?

Bismuth is diamagnetic, but it also has an even number of electrons which seems contradictory.

Perhaps this is why its diamagnetism (low magnetic permeability) is weak. Could it be strengthened in the same way we reinforce the desired physical properties for plastic polymers or titanium alloy? Is it possible to reinforce the diamagnetic properties of bismuth? 

Zinc is often used to strengthen other metals like steel or iron through the process of galvanization. Zinc is also diamagnetic. Could the low magnetic permeability of zinc increase the same property in bismuth if engineered with the right specifications?

Magnesium also plays an important role as it resists corrosion. In addition, magnesium burns white hot. Could this be the reason that many UFOs emit a glowing white light? Bismuth oxidizes in a pink color while zinc oxidizes in a red color. Let’s assume that the magnesium component is burning too hot and the outer layer of zinc begins to leak more oxygen to the bismuth. Could the oxidizing colors of red, pink, and white be the reason that citizens of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico have reported seeing UFOs that glow with a pinkish light? Moreover, could this be why citizens along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States report red lights and orange lights in the sky. If Earth’s atmosphere unexpectedly causes one of the vessels to overheat, could this be the reason that the Aguadilla UAP dove into the ocean at 100+ mph? These are all thoughts of my own and are not the result of any scientific investigation.

In the absence of a waveguide, the incredibly strong electromagnetic gravitational field might have a negative impact on the aircraft. It could push the vessel to fast or it could render the entire machine useless, ripping it apart with an overpowering bombardment of charged particles freed from the spacetime curvature.

If the reactor emitted a gravity wave so strong that Bob couldn’t even touch it when it was on, like the opposing poles of two magnets, I would imagine that the same magnetic wave amplified 3 times would do some serious damage to anything near it unless it were regulated somehow. If this aircraft is powerful enough to bend or fold the space-time metric like an accordion, creating a distortion so powerful that the vessel rolls into it at hypersonic velocities…something has got to be going on with the outer shell. It can’t be just like plastic polymer or titanium alloy. 

However, if the sports model itself possesses diamagnetic properties, is lightweight, and resists corrosion, this could help maintain a harmonic balance between the gravity wave and the flying machine.

On a side note, there is the issue of glowing light on the outside of the AAVs. Tom says it’s a reaction to the terahertz frequency. Then, when the object disappears it isn’t just invisible…it’s gone. However, Bob says the light is the result of a high energy source in Earth’s gaseous atmosphere which is Oxygen and Nitrogen. If the energy source is strong enough, the gas molecules emit light particles (also known as photons). This can also appear as a glowing halo around a UFO. 

When the sports model is in omicron mode it’s jumpy and unstable. Bob says this is because Earth’s magnetism is uneven. This shouldn’t be confused with what Tom has said about the lights blinking in and out. When a UFO blinks out and back in again, this is due to the object folding the space-time metric.

Step 3: comparison to the classic descriptions of UFOs

Disc-shaped aircraft that can hover motionless or dart off at hypersonic speeds. They make no sound, emit a glowing light, have metallic properties, appear to float, and sometimes videos of them in flight look wobbly and fake…perhaps this is why the US Military has observed:

•Acceleration sustaining over 400 G’s

•Hypersonic velocities, officially clocked at 13,000mph

•Low observability

•Multi medium travel through air, land, sea, and space

•Positive-lift like anti-gravity 

•Shielded by a bubble event horizon, or gravitational field

•Using electromagnetism for aerospace flight 

•Composition of unique metal alloys such as Mg,Bi, and Zn

•Bending the spacetime metric

•Maintaining high exterior temperatures

•Emitting light even during the day

But the last two…

•Have been reported to mirror the flight maneuvers of pilots in real time

•The UFOs seem to be aware of people and the area in which they are flying

It’s going to take us a while to get to these two, but we will. Some people aren’t ready for that conversation yet, and that’s ok. Step by step.

When I spoke with Steve Justice in October of 2018, he said our challenge is to stand in the future and look back at the present. Then, when we have placed ourselves in the future we figure out how to build a bridge to connect these two points in time. If you can imagine the possibilities, your challenge is to find a way to make those possibilities a reality. 

Recently, while chatting with someone on YouTube about time travel, he threw out several good ideas and laughed at how dumb he thought they were. I said to him, “Instead of laughing at your own ideas, why don’t you pick one and make it work?” For example, he mentioned that time travel has only been simulated with quarks. Therefore, I asked him if would it be possible to construct an artificial quark or an object that possesses the capabilities of a quark?

And wouldn’t you know? This is exactly what Deep Prasad eluded to during our recent talk when he said that UFOs are manifesting the physical properties that we have only observed in the quantum world.

And with that, the cornerstone of the new tech-foundation has been set. This is the route we’re headed, so please stay tuned for more.

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