That One Time I Interviewed Jaimie & Bri

That One Time I Interviewed Jaimie & Bri

I’m fully aware of the tabloid sensationalism behind many stories of aliens and UFOs; however, I do find them fascinating. These are the stories that first sparked my curiosity as a kid. The front cover of the book, Communion, by Whitley Strieber compelled me to start reading books way above my level. But, the thing about books is they all have an end and I was always left witquestions.Thankfully, great podcasts like That One Time I Was Abducted by Aliens with Jaimie and Bri informs its listeners just as much as it entertains.
If you’ve never heard Jaimie & Bri do their show, you will be pleasantly surprised! If you’re already a fan, I totally understand why. Their use of humor, quick wit, and sarcasm coupled with empirical investigation, evidence-based fact checking, and DIY detective work these ladies are not only two sides of the same coin, but also the right brain and left brain of the same brilliant mind.


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